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    Mateo Fernandez

    Embassy of Uruguay

    Hello, I have been designated ambassador of eUruguay in eBrasil by the eUruguayan MoFA. First I'd like to tell you a little about my self, I'm also Uruguayan in real life, I'm 19 years old (20 in one month ), I'm studying economics in the "Universidad de la Republica". I've been in Brasil many times but only for some hours. Because of my father i've grown listening to Brazilian singers like Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania, and Tribalistas in the recent years. ;D

    I'm pretty new in eRepublik, I've been playing since the 597th day of the New World, in this time I've tried to read as much as i can of eHistory, but i have a lot more to read, specially about eBrasil, I hope you can help me to know from first hand how is your situation.

    eUruguay, as you may know, it's very new in eRepublik, it has only one region that was named "Charrua" by the admins because they were the inhabitants of part of our territory before Uruguay was founded, this name has bring a bit of controversy in the recent days because many people think that it doesn't represent us and that our region should be named "Montevideo", but this name it's rejected by many other eUruguayans because Montevideo is only one departament of the 19th in wich Uruguay is separated. Charrua has one resource, grain high, we are trying that the admins provide us with the resource of wood because it would be more fair and it's accurate with the reality of Uruguay. Charrua has 431 citizens, the average citizen level is 13, and we have a Q5 hospital, this investment together with the entry in the War Games has been a great way of improving the experience and wellness of our citizens, and has helped to stop the emigration of the newer citizens that wanted to gain experience fighting.

    8 days ago we had our second presidential elections, Daniel Gardel (president of the Democratic Uruguay Party) was elected president by an incredible difference of one vote over the other candidate, Ale992 (president of the Social-Democrat Uruguayan Party). Luckly this very competitive elections didn't lead to a division or break of the eUruguayan society, the president has assigned ministers of both parties, because we (the eUruguayans) look forward the integration and cooperation, we listen all the ideas no mather who is proposing them, that's why the MoFA designated me to be our representant to you, because we want, and hope, to strengthen our relationship and to work together for the betterment of our two great nations.

    In international politics, eUruguay is a member of the AHA and PEACE GC.

    Well, I don't want to keep boring you, I'm here for anything you need, greetings.

    Mateo Fernandez

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    Ex-Presidente do Brasil Avatar de Sulejmani
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    May 2009
    Araguari - MG

    Re: Embassy of Uruguay

    wellcome hermano

    .03x Presidente do eBrasil |.02x Presidente [PDB] |.01 MOFA |.01 MDC |. Fundador da Terra
    .26x Ministro da Fazenda do eBrasil | .02x Conselheiro do Estado Maior Brasileiro na área econômica.
    |.Terceiro Imperador do Brasil |.Arquiduque do Norte do Brasil

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    Re: Embassy of Uruguay

    Em portugues:

    Olá irmãos brasileros sou o novo embaixador de eUruguay em eBrasil. Sou josesito103 e meu link de perfil é o seguinteé/citizen/profile/1589416 qualquer dúvida que tenham perguntem que não tenho problemas em contestar. Como observassem meu portugues é muito mau jajajaja. Um grande saúdo josesito103.

    In English:

    Hello Brothers brasileros am the new ambassador of eUruguay in eBrasil. I am josesito103 and my link of profile is the following any doubt that have ask that I do not have problems in answering.As they observed my portugues is very bad jajajaja. A big greeting josesito103.

    En español:

    Hola hermanos brasileros soy el nuevo embajador de eUruguay en eBrasil.
    Soy josesito103 y mi link de perfil es el siguiente cualquier duda que tengan pregunten que no tengo problemas en contestar. Como observaran mi portugués es muy malo jajajaja.
    Un gran saludo josesito103.

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    Re: Embassy of Uruguay

    Em portugues:

    Olá povo brasilero como embaixador de seu país me alegra que se allan podido levar a cabo as eleições com normalidade e felicitaciones de parte mia e do povo uruguaio a seu novo presidente. Por verdadeiro o novo presidente de eUruguay é ale992. Saludos.

    En español:

    Hola pueblo brasilero como embajador de su país me alegra que se allan podido llevar a cabo las elecciones con normalidad y felicitaciones de parte mia y del pueblo uruguayo a su nuevo presidente.

    Por cierto el nuevo presidente de eUruguay es ale992.


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