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Tópico: MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

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    MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

    A alguns dias atrás:
    [17:33:27] <DomiBoss> foi me pedido para falar com o brasil para um mpp singapore - brazil
    [17:33:34] <DomiBoss> como sou famoso e falo portugues
    [17:33:36] <DomiBoss> pediram a mim
    [17:33:45] <Cavalcanti> o.ô
    [17:34:25] <DomiBoss> e entao?
    [17:34:44] <Cavalcanti> quais os motivos do MPP?
    [17:35:03] <Cavalcanti> o presidente de singapore é um americano
    [17:36:15] <DomiBoss> nao sei nao
    [17:36:31] <DomiBoss> eu falei com o arbryn, da singapura
    [17:36:49] <DomiBoss> e disseram para falar sobre um mpp com o brasil
    [17:37:00] <DomiBoss> penso que seja prevenir a singapura de guerras
    [17:37:05] <Cavalcanti> nós não podemos assinar um mpp às cegas
    [17:37:24] <DomiBoss> pois compreendo
    [17:37:32] <DomiBoss> deixe falar com ele de novo
    [17:37:36] <Cavalcanti> além do que cingapura só faz fronteira com indonesia e malasia
    [17:37:53] <DomiBoss> ai a malasia puder...
    [17:38:40] <Cavalcanti> mas a malasia é neutra e custaria uma quantia enorme de gold para atacar singapore
    [17:38:50] <Cavalcanti> o MPP seria inutil
    [17:39:00] <DomiBoss> pois, tem razao sim
    [17:42:48] <DomiBoss> bem é o seguinte
    [17:44:36] <DomiBoss> eles querem um mpp como a suiça o fez
    [17:44:47] <DomiBoss> tambem para proteger e ter wargames
    [17:44:51] <DomiBoss> la no pais
    [17:45:09] <Cavalcanti> que wargames?
    [17:45:23] <DomiBoss> alguma guerra que o brasil possa a vir ter
    [17:45:38] <DomiBoss> eles podem lutar de casa...provavelmente
    [17:46:07] <DomiBoss> tambem nao custa muito o tal mpp :P
    [17:46:16] <Cavalcanti> nao vale a pena :|
    [17:46:47] Session Ident: DomiBoss (
    [17:46:47] <DomiBoss> o problema é que eles querem ficar protegidos de qualquer coisa que possa acontecer
    [17:49:11] <DomiBoss> eles tambem tem mpp com a suiça
    [17:51:01] <Cavalcanti> pq nao pedem o MPP à frança?
    [17:51:24] <DomiBoss> nao sei, talvez nao seja um pais que eles tenham contactos
    [17:51:39] <Cavalcanti> Brasil tambem nao
    [17:51:47] <DomiBoss> tem
    [17:52:00] <DomiBoss> a mim que ta servindo de pombo correio
    [17:52:03] <DomiBoss> xD
    [17:54:28] <Cavalcanti> nao nos interessa
    [17:54:31] <Cavalcanti> estamos economizando gold

    Um dia depois, no canal secreto da Rússia:
    [20:16:22] <~waffles_fm> is it true that Brazil will sign an MPP with singapore?
    [20:17:16] <&Cavalcanti> no o_0
    [20:17:24] <&Cavalcanti> Theo MoFA went to me and said that
    [20:17:33] <&Cavalcanti> We didn't accept
    [20:17:39] <~waffles_fm> ha
    [20:17:42] <~waffles_fm> omy
    [20:17:42] <~waffles_fm> well
    [20:17:45] <&Cavalcanti> why?
    [20:17:50] <~waffles_fm> blah I really want to tell you
    [20:18:00] <~waffles_fm> before I tell it to Mossad
    [20:18:07] <&Cavalcanti> tell me
    [20:18:44] <~waffles_fm> but I warn you, really: if SG get to know it's me who said it I'm fucked. please keep silence or do smth else :P.
    [20:18:49] <&Cavalcanti> :#
    [20:18:56] <~waffles_fm> so ok
    [20:19:02] <~waffles_fm> as you may know
    [20:19:18] <~waffles_fm> I was invited by SG's president to help them built strong economy
    [20:19:26] <~waffles_fm> they are totally fucked up
    [20:19:47] <~waffles_fm> I'm working hard to help 'em, cuz JJ is now pres of SG and hes my friend
    [20:20:15] <&Cavalcanti> mm
    [20:20:19] <~waffles_fm> inspite of the fact I already have problems for working with them. russians from FRP blame me EVERY DAY for my help for SG. but I'll continue
    [20:21:10] <~waffles_fm> so all members of JJ's cabinet have an access on close part of SG's forum
    [20:21:21] <&Cavalcanti> including you
    [20:21:22] <&Cavalcanti> p
    [20:21:27] <~waffles_fm> as do me of cours, as I'm inofficial minister of economics
    [20:21:33] <~waffles_fm> *of course
    [20:21:55] <~waffles_fm> so yesterday JJ published the message he got from Scrabman.
    [20:22:18] <~waffles_fm> notice: scrabman HATES JJ, JJ HATES Scrabman. true american eDrama
    [20:22:22] <&Cavalcanti> o_o
    [20:22:48] <&Cavalcanti> what did he say?
    [20:22:51] <~waffles_fm> I just want you to know it and to be impressed by message scrab sent to JJ. one sec, I'll copy it.
    [20:24:33] <~waffles_fm> the message from scrab:
    [20:24:41] <~waffles_fm> indo
    [20:24:43] <~waffles_fm> Hi John. I don't know if you've noticed ... but Indo has pushed Romania back quite a bit in Europe. There are rumors (and well founded ones) that Indo may be ready to ask Romania for peace and Romania may accept.
    [20:24:47] <~waffles_fm> .
    [20:24:50] <~waffles_fm> That means that Indo will be free to look to their other borders and go on a rampage through Asia putting your country and others at risk.
    [20:24:50] <~waffles_fm> .
    [20:24:50] <~waffles_fm> Now might be a good time for our nations to sign a MPP so that we can assist with the fight if and when Indo brings it (and I would bet that they will).
    [20:24:50] <~waffles_fm> .
    [20:24:50] <~waffles_fm> I'm going to ask the same thing of your neighbors as well. Think about it and let me know your thoughts.
    [20:24:51] <~waffles_fm> .
    [20:24:51] <~waffles_fm> Sincerely,
    [20:24:53] <~waffles_fm> Scrabman
    [20:25:28] <&Cavalcanti> I knew it
    [20:25:35] <&Cavalcanti> there were anything more in the background
    [20:25:57] <~waffles_fm> block indo
    [20:25:58] <~waffles_fm> but
    [20:26:52] <~waffles_fm> these guyz from SG realy sure brazil will dign an MPP with them. they really sure they will stay neutral after signing mpp with usa, they really sure scrab has only good motive.
    [20:27:30] <&Cavalcanti> bah
    [20:27:38] <~waffles_fm> I don't know what to say them, the only thing I could do to prevent it - I said that JJ should push on scrab and ask him to talk to romania and make them return SG's gold that romania stole.
    [20:27:56] <~waffles_fm> maybe if JJ do it USA won't sign an mpp with them
    [20:29:39] <~waffles_fm> cuz usa is allmost no one in atlantis, romanians won't return their gold, and romanians are the most HATED but SG's citizens. so I try to make the situation unstable in SG to prevent their blocking of indo.
    [20:30:00] <~waffles_fm> please don't say anyone, especially if you already knew about it.
    [20:30:31] <~waffles_fm> JJ trust me, I like him, hes my friend, but indo plays the more important role for me in this game. they are our ally.
    [20:30:42] <&Cavalcanti> hmmm
    [20:30:45] <&Cavalcanti> relax
    [20:31:26] <~waffles_fm> what should I do?
    [20:31:35] <~waffles_fm> I can't let the things stay on their current level
    [20:32:25] <&Cavalcanti> maybe if JJ do it USA won't sign an mpp with them
    [20:32:27] <&Cavalcanti> them who?
    [20:32:38] <~waffles_fm> with SG.
    [20:33:26] <&Cavalcanti> hm
    [20:33:29] <&Cavalcanti> you can do that
    [20:33:40] <&Cavalcanti> the last thing we want now is a blocking from malaysia/singapore
    [20:34:08] <~waffles_fm> I mean there's a little problem. Sg's economy is fucked cuz romanians stole their treasury aaand because they do no have RAWRS. so it's kinda a big problem there. they need wars, they may agree even if romania is not going to return sg's gold. usa has a lot of war games, sg need these games too.
    [20:35:18] <~waffles_fm> honestly, SG is not an agressive country. their last president had a talk with argentina about war games
    [20:35:35] <~waffles_fm> argentina said that it will cost them 90 gold + %
    [20:35:40] <~waffles_fm> so SG had no choice
    [20:35:50] <~waffles_fm> i think indo could make a push on argentina
    [20:36:44] <~waffles_fm> peace doesn't need to have the usa marionette under their back.
    [20:42:53] <~waffles_fm> blah they continue think they will stay neiutral
    [20:43:06] <~waffles_fm> soon Scrabman will anounce that they are signing an mpp with SG
    [20:46:13] <&Cavalcanti> :s
    [20:46:29] <&Cavalcanti> try to convince them that indo won't attack them if they do that
    [20:48:19] <~waffles_fm> I saif that already. I can copy my message. notice: I'm very careful, I don't want them to notice the only thing I'm interested in is PEACE. so this was my message:
    [20:48:56] <~waffles_fm> War do nothing but strengthen economy, so it's a good move.
    [20:49:00] <~waffles_fm> JJ, it's Scrab, who came to you and asked for an MPP.
    [20:49:00] <~waffles_fm> so maybe you can ask him to talk to Romania and make them return SG's gold?
    [20:49:05] <~waffles_fm> Don't be so naive, scrab doesn't give a f*ck about SG, he wants to block indo, that's all.
    [20:49:05] <~waffles_fm> also from what I know, Indo doesn't give a f*ck about SG, and they are not gonna attack SG. maybe I'm wrong and my resourses are wrong too.
    [20:49:05] <~waffles_fm> so my advice:
    [20:49:05] <~waffles_fm> 1. talk to scrabman about returning gold that romania stole.
    [20:49:05] <~waffles_fm> 2. try to make MPPs with neutral countries. Brazil won't agree I think, cuz USA is not their best friends (and you'll have MPP with USA). You have to talk to Brazil president by yourself, don't send anyone to do it.
    [20:50:03] <&Cavalcanti> We wont sign a MPP with a country that has chances to be the blocker of the PEACE superpower
    [20:50:38] <~waffles_fm> of course, but I want them to think that brazil won't sign it because of USA
    [20:50:55] <&Cavalcanti> oh
    [20:50:57] <&Cavalcanti> yes

    Hoje o DomiBoss veio me falar:
    [11:38:39] <DomiBoss> oi oi oi
    [11:38:46] <MrCavalcanti> ola
    [11:39:10] <DomiBoss> ta aqui a PM que recebi a explicar o porque do tal mpp com a singapura
    [11:39:19] <MrCavalcanti> Nao queremos
    [11:39:21] <DomiBoss> Singapore is interested in establishing relations with some prominent nations around the globe. We feel Brazil would be a good candidate for our first relations with a Peace nation. Partially because we would like to follow suit with you, our close allies in Switzerland and have the same MPP's/alliances, but also because we don't want to go strait to Indo like Everyone else does. If Brazil does not like the idea we can look elsewhere. But
    [11:39:21] <DomiBoss> They are more then welcome to contact me directly for more talks I just did not know who to talk to and figured you could help us out as we would like to keep many of the same MPP that the Swiss have.
    [11:39:21] <DomiBoss> ~Arbryn
    [11:39:29] <DomiBoss> oh ok
    [11:39:40] <MrCavalcanti> Estou ciente das razoes para esse MPP
    [11:39:44] <MrCavalcanti> Brasil não será um puppet
    [11:39:51] <MrCavalcanti> Escolham outro, see ya

    [size=1]Curriculum Vitae Presidente do Brasil 2x Ministro da Defesa 2x Ministro de Relações Exteriores 2 Congressista do Brasil (4x), Tailândia, África do Sul, Áustria e Paquistão

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    Ex-Presidente do Brasil Avatar de Jazar
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    May 2009

    Re: MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

    resume e avisa ao congresso.
    “Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life… but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it.”

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    Ex-Presidente do Brasil
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    May 2009

    Re: MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

    Não vai vim , a menos que coloquem no momento que tiver gold no TN. Já não tinha aceitado antes dela ter assinado a mpp com os USA.

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    Re: MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

    Aproveitando que o tópico é sobre MPPs, Dark, podes enviar um MPP ao México?
    Estão sofrendo constante ataques da Espanha.
    [size=1]Curriculum Vitae Presidente do Brasil 2x Ministro da Defesa 2x Ministro de Relações Exteriores 2 Congressista do Brasil (4x), Tailândia, África do Sul, Áustria e Paquistão

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    Ex-Presidente do Brasil
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    May 2009

    Re: MPP de Cingapura: Não aceitar, caso venha a proposta!

    Vou providenciar.

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