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Tópico: Artigo escrito por um Camarada da Dinamarca.

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    Artigo escrito por um Camarada da Dinamarca.

    [center]Democracy is the road to socialism. (Karl Marx)[/center]


    The Communist Party of Denmark (CPD) would like to announce it's grand opening and it's preparation to further the establishment of a esocialist state. Supporting the valors of freedom, equality and democracy, the CPD respects the social contract and desires to make the best of it by establishing lots of state coordinated initiatives to help the citizens of eDenmark.

    The CPD desires a renewal of Denmark in a prosperous socialist state. With the work and with the endorsement of the workers the socialist policies would be enabled and the socialist struggle would be forwarded. That's why we invite all the citizens of eDenmark to join us and help towards creating a better place for all. For those who do not want to join the party, we invite you to join our forums as an ambassador where you'll be able to stay in touch with us and see official stances.

    Join us here: [link to party]

    Further on, the CPD publishes it's Policy Agenda towards eDenmark:

    - Posting lots of articles with the list of all the actions of the congress and the State;
    - Enabling a new welcome citizen message, in accordance with the socialist state;
    - Staying out of imperialism, of conquest wars, so pursuing a defending foreign policy or prudent neutrality;
    - Promoting a good international cooperation with all states;
    - Being an active part of the Socialist Internationale with a good representative to the Congress;
    - Starting TW in order to raise the health of the citizens and their power (if the Danish State Health fails to do so);
    - Establishing the Danish State Health (free gifts for everyone);
    - Establishing the Danish State Housing (free houses for everyone);
    - Establishing the Danish State Pen-pal Program (a program to provide each new user with a friend to collaborate and to enjoy eR);
    - Establishing the Danish State Education (a well developed mentor-program);
    - Establishing the Danish National Travel Agency (free moving tickets with good reasons for exiting Denmark and free tickets for danish citizens wishing to return)
    - Establishing the Red Army of Denmark (an national army to defend ourselves, which will also supply citizens with weapons);
    - Establishing the Danish Mogul Program (an official state newspaper will publish citizens' newspaper so that everyone will subscribe; in exchange the private newspaper will promote the state policies and newspapers by a signature);
    - Increasing much the minimum working wage;
    - Promoting values, hard workers and other valuable people in official governmental articles with product/money awards (like society builders, very good politic men, most active citizen, most debating citizen, most ---- citizen and the list with awards continue);
    - Transforming the communes into state companies where workers are paid well according to their skill;
    - Pursuing an official stable State Party with all the Danish people to preserve this great system;
    - Further liberating Danish territories as the population grows until Denmark is complete;
    - Promoting the democracy of the workers by allowing them to post any complains/suggestions in the forum;
    - Keeping the current rule of accepting citizens in eDenmark (of 1 month waiting); exception with the comrades approved by the Internationale (carefully checked);

    [This will be the official release article for the day after tommorow]

    Credits to: NeroSuperbus

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    Re:Artigo escrito por um Camarada da Dinamarca.

    Esse Danish Mogul Program é realmente muito bom mesmo!

    Poderia ser até implantado aqui no eBrasil, com ou sem comunismo!

    Muito bom, companheiro!

    Abração a todos os camaradas legais do ePCB

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    Re:Artigo escrito por um Camarada da Dinamarca.

    guerras sempre existirao, elas q fazem o jogo...

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    Re:Artigo escrito por um Camarada da Dinamarca.

    Eu entrei no jogo por referral dele...
    Na época ele ainda tava na Romênia...

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